Battlefield Safe Haven for Insurgents?

Those in a war-zone who attack and hide: "With the latest technology, turncoats, and drones; you will be sought after, we will find you, and one way or another… you will be brought down!"
Here's what the guys have to say
NOTE: And no, the bomber below wasn't used to rid the world of Zarqawi...
-And I'm treading on thin ice here,
because I do not know my planes :)

-But, luckily, Outside the Beltway has the actual info!
-Zarqawi Raid Made Possible by New Defense Technology
"Ten years ago, taking out Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi with F-16s would have been an impossible task. Air strikes were planned days or even weeks in advance. Pilots weren’t trained to change missions mid-stream. Sensors and weapons weren’t accurate and flexible enough to spot and hit fleeting targets." (more)
Click-Image-VIDEO Bombing
Video: Courtesy: centcom
Update! Go see the Allahpundit Remix!

-Murdoc has the close-up.... And incredible archives!
(And the Video, too.. I see)

-And, you run with insurgence? Well, you're running with your luck. Confederate Yankee has good points and more information:
Zarqawi Strike Aftermath

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Abu Musab al-Zarqawi -
Terrorist Terminated

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