Just what is a Castro Style Trial?

By now, none in the World feel compelled to respond to anything Castro offers as input... However, his latest reflection in defense of Zarqawi (saying he should have been put on trial) offers a little "closer question" as to... Just what is a trial "Castro Style?"

Castro: "al-Zarqawi killing a 'barbarity'!"
Note: Count on some of the most oppressive regimes
to stand up for terrorist's rights!
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First.. A Question:
Was this a trial?

On 13 July 1994 the tugboat Treco de Marzo tried to flee Castro’s paradise with 72 refugees on board. Castro ordered an attack on the tugboat. Forty-three refugees were killed, 11 of them children: the youngest victim was Cindy Rodríguez Fernández age two...

Or this?

The shooting down of the civilian aircraft took place on February 1996, not 1976, in international airspace. The planes were flown by Brothers to the Rescue, an organization dedicated to rescuing victims of Castro’s regime.

The attack was premeditated and was based on information provided by Castro’s Miami-based Wasp spy network. The network was later busted by the US and its members tried, and jailed.
Additional Source: Brookesnews

Well, the Chavez buddy of Marxist-Leninist thug FARC,
gang of narco-terrorists, believes in a fair trial…
Well, let's look at the benefits of a fair trial-
"Castro Style"

Basic Description:
The Crime: To write and talk in favor of freedom of speech-
The Procedure: A round up, either an exaggerated sentence or execution...
(all the while a failure for the accused to offer plea!)

-William Buckley gives you the 411, in a 2003 article:
In an 2003 article by William F. Buckley: Castro kills Stone
"Here we were, April 2003, and Fidel Castro reaches into corners of his country to round up 75 conspirators against the socialist health of the Castro regime, giving some of them prison sentences as heavy as 28 years. The trials were done in very fast motion, so that there was no opportunity to reflect on what it was that the defendants pleaded. But reports confirmed that no charges were leveled that suggested that any of them had blown up bridges or passed exploding cigars into Castro's dining quarters. What they did, simply, was to write and talk in favor of freedom of speech."
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