Immigration: Turning the Tables


If you're the type who has a respectful eye for others hospitality, you're less likely to put your own needs ahead of what your host plans to offer. And really, what most countries (WORLD-WIDE) sincerely hope for, is immigration laws which will help to encourage immigrants who will contribute to their society while respecting their Country's laws...
-Laws which enable existing citizens, their secure right to gainful employment.

And really, there isn't a country that can afford NOT to control the flow... Refugees must always be divided equally around the world; and an opened-border fails to honor Host country's criteria, while it dilutes the principals of each constitution.

The Flash Video above is insane!! But, profound...
If anything, the Mexican Government would not permit!

(But, in reverse, the United States Government.. may.)

Note: Received video link in email; sorry if you've posted
this Video; and I've over-looked you.
-Val Prieto at babalublog:
(an island on the net without a bearded dictator)
Posts: Not-all Hispanics are pro-illegal immigration
-While 89% of American's feel at the mercy of new reform; read the long-term solution in Austin Bay's Commentary :
"Mexico needs freer markets, but a free market needs an honest judiciary. The long-term solution lies in expanding economic and political opportunity in Mexico."
blog posts on immigration at The Truth Laid Bear
Jos | Basil's | Ccat: | Third World County
Bright and early: CAII Roundup XL

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