IRAN: Must Free Journalists and Bloggers!

This month, it's up to you to choose
how to defend...PRESS FREEDOM."

As I've written before, scores of Journalists and Bloggers, are being subjected to imprisonment, due to a censorship sweep in Iran. Many were arrested while calling for greater personal freedoms. Some imprisoned while delivering relevant news "found to be inconvenient" by their governmental regimes, and others refusing to follow an imposed line. In fact, many face informal hearings which could impose a death sentence...
Show your weight, sign petitions,
Free the Journalists and Bloggers, NOW!
Mana Neyestani; irancartoon
view-video- (click-on-image)
"The Continuing Fight For basic human rights,
Liberty, and Democracy."

The Cartoonist (of whose work is above) was one of the many arrested, this month, for the "crimes" which relate to Freedom of self-expression... I cannot think that the freedoms that we all enjoy, are denied in other parts of the globe... ...Even to the extent of a Death penalty!

Imprisoned under harsh conditions, there remains the uncertainty of their fate, and inability to make communication with their families. There remains the possibility that the regime may decide to provide punishment, solely as example to quell the disobedience to censorship...

133 Journalists imprisoned
3 Media assistants imprisoned
59 Cyberdissidents imprisoned

If we stand silently, we are supporting the denial of Freedom of self expression! There is a significant need to multiply the efforts of Reporters without Borders.
This is what I stand for. Please stand by me...Take time out, and utilize your own freedom of blogging, to help those less fortunate!
Please read and sign a petition
They simply cannot do without your support and involvement.
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