Ask a True Persian about Jihad

Butterscotch, true Persian of the ancient Iranians under
Cyrus, shares his Knowledge about the meaning of Jihad..

"The true name for Jihad is: Harb Muqadasah"

The Qur’anic Arabic term jihad has been commonly mistranslated as “holy war.” The Qur’an was revealed in Arabic, not in English. The Arabic equivalent of the English expression “holy war” (harb muqadasah) is an expression that is not found anywhere in the Qur’an! Even when the Qur’an speaks about defensive war, it never glorifies it or calls it “holy”; rather, it is described as something which is inherently hated (Al- Baqarah 2:216-217)...

Not like the Love of Jihad- in the
"VIDEO- Click- my Photo to View!"

First off... I want to make it very clear that the annihilation
of Apostates (non-believers) has no place in modern Society...

The promotions of Islamo Fascism, and Radical Islamic Principals to create physical harm and ill will toward another human being, are

Hate crimes!

No such crimes should protected under
our Democratic "Freedom of Religion!!"

Countries protected by Democracy, do not want a 7th century Islam in their cities and suburbs. This has created an Islamic back-lash by many who defend the freedom of worship with the practice of Radical Islam, which violates our U. S. Laws. They even challenge our confrentations as being a hostile overreaction to Middle Eastern-Americans , via our 1st amendment!...

Little Green Footballs posts this!!
Ayatollah Khomeini, Circa 1942: RoPMA

UPDATE: In the face of the more-often-found Radicalization of
Islamic principals; Stop the ACLU has this post, which outlines
the increased encouragement without solution:
‘Islamic indoctrination’ taken to Supreme Court

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