IAEC: Evidence Substantiates Concern

The detail to substantiate Washington's Concern...
New evidence against Iran?
According to Iranfocus:
"The unity could crumble if the Vienna group differs on whether Tehran is cooperating. But for now the pressure on Iran from
all sides...Growing...


"An International Atomic Energy Agency report on Iran's activities is expected next week, and Western diplomats tell Time that it will include "potentially incriminating" details about traces of highly enriched uranium found by inspectors recently on equipment at the Lavisan-Shian military site.

The find is significant not because of the residue--it isn't bomb-grade and may have been on the equipment when it was bought from renegade Pakistani nuclear scientist A.Q. Khan--but because Iran hasn't explained why such enrichment tools were found at a military facility. Iranian officials still insist their military is not engaged in nuclear
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An estimated $200 billion has left the country since last year's election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as president, accompanied by panic buying of gold. The Iranian stock exchange lost an estimated 20 percent of its value even as other bourses in the region more
In the bull pen, who has a different resource than I,
has this to say:
IAEA to have ‘Potentially Incriminating’
Evidence to Present About Iran

~As Iran, engaged in military exercises Strait of Hormuz, they would be prepared for the inevitable... A war with the United States. …And as they prepared, funds left the country...

Captain Quarters reports: Do They Know Something We Don't?

According to Iranfocus:
By- Iason Athanasiadis
TEHRAN -- Threats of an international financial squeeze stemming from the showdown over Iran's nuclear program have sent Iranians scrambling to get their savings out of the country, or if that won't work, convert them into gold.

More later....

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