A New Emerging Hollywood

Old Hollywood Disclaimer:
"There is no correlation between real-life
tragedy and the actions depicted in our
fictional motion picture."
New Hollywood Objective :
Hoping to make a difference" in the heart and
mind of just one potential suicide bomber by
accurately portraying the senseless results
of an attack on civilians."

A 60 second state of the art cinematography,
shot over the weekend, outside downtown Los Angeles.
Expected to exceed the $1 million paid by a group of
businessmen, scholars, & activists; in Iraq and abroad.
Its intention sets designs on curbing the current
uncontrollable sectarian violence in Iraq...
Image: H. Reporter
From interestalert:
"If 900 Frames can "make a difference" in the heart and mind
of just one potential suicide bomber by accurately portraying
the senseless results of an attack on civilians, then we will
have achieved something that will spare countless lives," said
Sam Najah. Najah, an Iranian-born American, is the PSA's co-
executive producer along with his 900 Frames partner
Drew Plotkin. Read more.

"At this point, I wish success of any attempt to stop
the suicide attacks. I'm familiar with this particular
film company, and have no doubt that they will
do an honest and appropriate film." M.B.

To make the responsible Hollywood more visible. If it is
your first visit, go over, snoop around, and take a look:
..And help support conservative film!

A Few New Hollywood Anti-Terror Films-
(And more; at libertas)

Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West (Winner, Best Feature
Film at Liberty ‘05), Brainwashing 201: The Second Semester (Winner,
Best Short Film at Liberty ‘05), Broken Promises: The UN at 60, and
- by special request of the CSPC - a special updated version of WMD
(a film screened at Liberty ‘04). Filmmaker Brad Maaske of WMD
...was also in attendance at the screenings...


A Few Old Hollywood Terror Films-
Global Reach; as early as 1937:

~1937: "Sabotage"- Alfred Hitchcock’s classic (Timothy McVeigh effects.)
1977:"Black Sunday" -Palestinians in a blimp tried to blow up the Super Bowl.
1981: "Nighthawks”-terrorist bomb London dept. store, kill, maim children
1994: "True Lies,” Arnold stopped the "Crimson Jihad" from nuking American cities. 1996: "Executive Decision," Palestinians hijacked a plane headed for Washington intent on dumping enough nerve gas to depopulate the East Coast.
1998: "The Siege," Arab immigrants and Arab-Americans worked hand-in-hand to kill more than 700 New Yorkers, leading to martial law and the rounding up of Arab-Americans into detention camps....
"Die Hard-1”, battling terrorists who plan to blow up a skyscraper.
"Die Hard 2”, battling terrorists who take over an airport.


A New Hollywood is definitely emerging....


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