Independent Democratic Montenegro

Pro-independence demonstrator waves Montenegrin flag (epa)
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"Онамо, онамо... за брда она
казују да је зелени гај
под ким се дижу Дечани свети:
молитва у њих присваја рај."
Montenegro Votes
Independence From Serbia
May 21, 2006; Posted: 8:29 p.m. EDT (00:29 GMT)

The EU, who had made things harder for the secessionist
camp, saying that more than 55 percent of voters must opt for
independence for the result to be recognized, was met with 56%.

"They not only remained free when the other Slav peoples
as well as the Greeks, Albanian, and Bulgar fell before
the power of the Turk, but that they maintained their
independence when all Europe, to the gates of Vienna,
trembled before the hosts of the Crescent.

The European Union, which is worried that the dissolution
of the loose union between Serbia and Montenegro could
destabilize the region and make agreement on Kosovo
more difficult, had sought to dissuade Montenegro
from scheduling the vote. (They couldn't wait!)

Djukanovic has pushed for full independence, arguing
the country would have a better chance of joining
the European Union if separated from Serbia.

A Little History

Montenegro... one of six republics within Yugoslavia
before the country's violent unraveling in 1991. In 2003,
after nearly a decade of war and political upheaval,
Serbia and Montenegro replaced what remained of
the Yugoslav federation with a loose union.

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