Kosovo's Independence: Danger to Europe

Beware that Kosovo may become the third radical Muslim state
of Europe. The principals are not anything that one can wish,
for the small European Province. This could create an Islamic
insurgency watch. (A base for Jihad against Europe!)
"IRAQ- arms leaking to insurgents "

-Guns from Bosnia-

Sources indicate that Wesley Clark is visiting
Kosovo's Prime Minister Agim Cekuin Kosovo...

With the recent March 22, Montenegrin
Independence from Serbia

The U.N.; currently conducting talks aimed at steering
Ethnic Albanians and Serbian officials toward settling
the final status of the province.

Kosovo's ethnic Albanian majority wants independence,
while Serbs want it to remain part of Serbia...

At present, Some 1,700 U.S. peacekeepers are part of the
17,500-strong NATO-led peacekeeping force, down from a
high of 5,000 U.S. soldiers deployed here after the war.

~A way to enhance the position of the West in the Islamic
world is not to grant independence to Kosovo!

I'm not sure the extent of Mr. Clark's visit; though it is
true that Muslims across the world await on Western powers
to recognize the Kosovo province as an independent Muslim
state. As always, he'd encouraged support for them... Just read
The letter: "let's stay in touch."
Back in 1999, the team: Wesley Clark (former head of NATO forces in Europe) and then, President Clinton, dismantled a democracy and helped
create yet another mono-ethnic (Islamic) state...
At the gate to Europe: "Kosovo."
"How it appeared": in a 1999 interview
detailing current fighting in Kosovo.

Read: Julia Gorin's pretty accurate translation :
Wesley Clark on Kosovo: What a Riot!

NATO Installed a reign of terror in Kosovo
The big dangers for an independent Kosovo: With the
Radical Islamic principals, atrocities of the murders
of Christians committed by Kosovo Liberation Army, and
by the Bosnian Muslims being over-looked, they could be
a base for Jihad against Europe.. (As will
keep American and European forces in the Balkans.
biggest fear is the spread of Radical Islamofascism in
-Rome, Paris, Berlin... and London!-

Just keep your eye on this
(And watch for UN vacancy; and 2008!)

Read this article of man's account -of Wesley Clark:
Wesley Clark: The Guy Who
Almost Started World War III
During his presentation he stated that a "political problem cannot be solved by military force." What a bizarre comment from one who directed the attack on Yugoslavia and advocated the use of ground troops in Kosovo. He also stated that in the realities of today our leaders have to get away from the "Cold War mentality." This from the man who wanted British General Michael Jackson to launch an air attack on the Russian force at Pristina airfield. Fortunately, General Jackson, in refusing to carry out the order, replied: "I'm not going to start World War Three over you."
A brief recap of events:
Kosovo has been run by the United Nations since mid-1999,
when a NATO air war halted a Serb crackdown on separatist
ethnic Albanians fighting for independence, and forced
Belgrade to relinquish control of the province.
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