Secretary Rice: Iraq, Militias, OBL

"First let me just be very clear. This isn't U.S. policy toward
Iran, all right? This is the policy of the Security Council of
the United Nations toward Iran."
-Sec. Rice
-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice-

"I admire the strengths of this woman, in times
of a show-down, and equally amidst our allies."-M.B.

Rice chats with: Prince Saud Al Faisal at the Jeddah
Secretary Rice and Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal discuss the
objectives of the Strategic Dialogue - strengthening, deepening,
broadening, and institutionalizing the historic relationship
that has bound the two countries for over sixty years.
Off to Greece and Turkey and then to a NATO ministerial in
Bulgaria. Rice answers a few questions about Iraq's quelling
of the militias, the new Iraqi Prime Minister, and her
opinion about the new bin Laden tape.
On-the-Record Briefing -
April 24, 2006
En Route Athens, Greece
Full Transcript:


On the bin Laden tape, what do you make of it?
What's your reaction? Is he still trying to seem relevant?
Does the U.S. still think that he is relevant and also what
do you say to critics that said our efforts in Iraq are
taking away from actually capturing him?
SECRETARY RICE: Well, first of all, there is -- all the time,
every day, all the time, an effort to continue to degrade and
round up the al-Qaida network, including efforts against Osama
bin Laden. But the effort is more than one man. This is about
disabling the al-Qaida network. It is the scores of important
field generals of al-Qaida that have been put out of commission
one way or another in the last three and a half years, and
that's the real story of dealing with al-Qaida... read more

If I could just ask you to follow up on something that you said
on Saturday. You were talking about the importance of quelling
militias or bringing militias under the government authority in
Iraq. Do you see the rise of militias now as a greater threat
to the long-term stability of Iraq than the insurgency?
SECRETARY RICE: The Iraqi people, for the first time, have a frame-
work to control sectarian militias, With the selection of Jawad
al-Maliki as Iraq's prime minister-designate to head a permanent
government, "the Iraqis actually have a framework in which to
deal with those militias; that is, a permanent government,
permanent armed forces and police forces, and opportunity
to get a ministry of interior that will not be sectarian in
its orientation but national in its orientation." read more
Newly elect: Prime Minister-Jawad al-Maliki
Rice Hails Choice of Iraqi
Prime Minister as "Important Milestone"
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