MEXICO'S: New Drug Legalization Laws

Seized at the border-David Maung/AP
Updated: 8:46 p.m. ET April 28, 2006

If it wasn't enough to worry about the masses of illegals
coming into our country that we cannot even identify...
America now can add a more lucrative Drug environment
at our borders...with Mexico's, NEW DRUG LAWS!

New laws in Mexico:
Passed by Mexico’s Senate on a 53-26 vote
with one abstention, had already been approved in the lower
house of Congress and was sent to the desk of Mexico's
President Vicente Fox for his signature.
New laws which inclue 2- 1/2 pounds of Peyote,
LSD, MDA, ecstasy, heroin, etc.. With a country
that has proven in numbers, its preference to
jump the system into a level of illegality,
this is just a marker with which to be exceeded.

New legalization laws.
“No charges will be brought against ... addicts or consumers
who are found in possession of any narcotic for personal use,”
according to the Senate bill, which also lays out allowable
quantities for a large array of other drugs, including LSD,
MDA, ecstasy — about two pills’ worth, — and amphetamines.

Some of the amounts are eye-popping: Mexicans would be allowed
to possess 2.2 pounds of peyote, the button-sized hallucinogenic
cactus used in some native Indian religious ceremonies.
View images of "the drug suppliers" which greatly
challenge our borders: Mexico the Next Lebanon.
While we campaign billions of dollars against the war on
drugs, Mexico is intent on culling theirs.
Mass Mexican-import of poverty, doesn't need
an easier drug circulation!!
Statement from Drug treatment expert in Mexico:
"This is going to increase addictions in Mexico,” said Ulisis Bon,
a drug treatment expert in Tijuana, where heroin use is rampant.
“A lot of Americans already come here to buy medications they
can’t get up there ... Just imagine, with heroin.”
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