WND: Mexico the Next Lebanon?

[Guerrilla: US intervention-59-98]
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Our presence, intervention, & eradication of Central American Guerrilla activities, through Panama (DEA, up through Mexico, ICE, has not been without American casualties, and economical figures into the billions, but now: According to Joseph Farah it appears that...
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"Mexico's National Security Adviser Adolfo Aguilar Zinser made the sensational announcement that Islamic terrorist organizations have a presence along the U.S. border and may be making contacts with Mexican guerrilla groups.

"We have evidence that organizations or people linked to Islamic organizations could have a presence here or be passing through," Aguilar told a local radio program. Though declining to identify the specific groups, he also said the groups could have indigenous guerrilla ties."

[Taliban Narco-terrorist, Baz Mohammad:DEA]
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Profiles of Three main Revolutionary Groups

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-16,000 fighters. (Farc)
The Farc is the oldest and largest group among Colombia's left-wing rebels - ..and one of the world's richest and most powerful guerrilla armies.

Developed in 1964, as Marxist regime installations experts; now, since 95 have burrowed heavily into drug trafficking and specializing in Kidnappings.

The second...

United Self Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC)
Formed in 1997 by drug-traffickers and landowners to combat rebel kidnappings and extortion. Built by Drug lords, took up arms in self defense... Now taken on as cartels for a good chunk of the Colombia trafficking..
The third...

[ELN: Nicolas Rodriguez Bautista, Leader]
National Liberation Army ELN
Formed in 1965 by intellectuals inspired by the Cuban revolution.

Experts in energy terrorism(i.e. energy infrastructure, pipelines, and electric distribution- Distortion, Kidnappings, 3- 5,000 armed combatants. (Safehaven) Venezuelan territory Read more
According to the Council on Foreign Relations: Experts estimate that FARC takes in $200 million to $400 million annually at least half of its income from the illegal drug trade. The rest: kidnappings, extortion schemes and an unofficial tax it levies in the countryside for "protection" and social services...
When you are talking about illegal immigration, you have to also have to consider the cap put on this fast moving business. A business which enters from the gulf, by runners on land. Although our contract to work with Colombia has ended this year, we remain activly in the field...

"Illegal immigration into the United States in recent years has had devastating effects on the infrastructure of our country. It has been a demoralizing factor for millions of Americans – especially those who live closest to the problems."

My Thoughts on the Protests:

I suppose if one were "inside" the crowd at the pro- 'illegal immigration demonstration' in Chicago, they would not have had the vantage-point of seeing that the population of the crowd was 'equal-to (or) less than' the size of a yearly illegal immigration entry.

"We see it...Near the border."

~Recognize the True Issues~

In 1998, the United States has carefully avoided antagonizing the Mexican government over the growing list of human rights abuses attributed to the military and civilian security forces and the paramilitary groups associated with both. In early 1995, moreover, after a dramatic collapse of the peso on the scale of the Asian crisis of 1998, the Clinton administration pushed through a $20 billion bailout (with the International Monetary Fund and others promising an additional $19.5 billion), designed to protect overexposed U.S. bankers and financiers in Mexico and help restore confidence in the Mexican economy.

The increased migrant flow continues at the present level at which the government of Mexico allows rural upheaval and the perceived political failure of the regime to reach a settlement on lack of its own investor confidence, creating continuing economic instability in Mexico. The spillover effects into the United States; continued abuses of human rights and democratic freedoms of existing Americans, and violate traditional U.S. immigration policy...

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~exposetheleftIllegals Marching In Protest — No, Really, They Are
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A Tale of Two Small Businesses

I have compiled this for: Guard the Borders Blogburst, an organization started by www.Euphoric; and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we're going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration facing our country, join our blogburst! Just send an email with your blog name and url to euphoricrealitynet at gmail dot com.
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