Return of Kerry Campaign?

[N.Y.T. Campaign trail-04]
(film clips-in links)
~Kerry Quote: Monday, March 13, 2006 2:07 AM |Harvard-

"The first definition of patriotism back here at home
for all of us is to keep faith to those who wore the uniform
for our country," Kerry said.

At the event, Kerry introduced a new funding push he
is making in Congress to allocate $100 million to Veteran Centers
for the screening and treatment of PTSD."...Read new article.
~links: swift
~Article: via Drudge

We watched John Kerry, bask in the glory of a potential Win...
VETS watched Kerry discredit their reputations, dishonor the fallen,
and endanger our prisoners of war...
(While dining with the enemy)

NOW Kerry attempts to WIN the respect of our Nation's VETS,
Our Nation's COMRADES of the fallen', injured,
and those who still remember?
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