UN Cowers On Mother's Day

They commemorated the event; Now unsearchable
at the United Nations site?
UN remains afraid to stand up for women.
(read their mission statement below)

[UN Int'l Women's Day: March 8-06]

UN -International Women's Day- Mission Statement:

"Today a central organizing principle of the work of the United Nations is that no enduring solution to society's most threatening social, economic and political problems can be found without the full participation, and the full empowerment, of the world's women."...

"Few causes promoted by the United Nations have generated more intense and widespread support than the campaign to promote and protect the equal rights of women."... Read complete.
Development Section
Department of Public Information
Room S-1040, United Nations, New York, NY 10017
Email: mediainfo@un.org
Welcome to the UN..."It's your world!"..
Iran: Peaceful Mother's Day March, ends in violence

[Pre violence images: HERE]
Unfortunately, Journalists, including several foreign correspondents, who had filmed and photographed the event, were rounded up, held in custody and released only after their films and photographs had been confiscated.
FULL REPORT: Human right's watch
These were the brave Women who (with encouragement by the UN) stood up to their oppressors. Now, where is the U.N.? Afraid of backlash??...This cower supports the Largest Human Rights abusers in the World: Caution: Graphic

~ALSO: Doug Ireland reports:
The Beatings of Women at the Mother's Day March
(As reported by his friend Janet Afary... Distinguished Iranian scholar in exile who is currently a professor of history at Purdue and author of several books on Iran
This was another group of Mothers of Islam (in Bangladesh.) Dozens bravely removed their veils this Mother's Day, and revealed their disfigurements from acid burns, received from husbands...
~I could not bear to post the larger images
[Women's Day March- 3-8-06]

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