Peace for Israel

[Baha i gardens in Israel-05]
~Larger version click-here!
Click the image to view film (wmv) or click this link
Read, this post by Jay of Wizbang:
A brief history lesson of the Middle East!

Picture of Gardens (above)- from best friend in Israel.
Now moved, after Cush Katif... To stay with friends.
I wanted to share the VIDEO link (above) as perhaps some did not see that which best describes much of Gush Katif, before the dismantling...
This film depicts the beauty of families living in vibrant communities, before being forced to dismantle away from the Islamo-fascists
(not shown).
But like my friend, he left with his spirit, creativity,
and ability to again build a quality of life, as once before.
-This they can never take away-
...I too, pray for Peace.
(more images, at this site!)
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