NEW LAWS Will Prioritize Safety!

Just as I thought...
Immigration bill Fell Short in the Senate!
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A lucrative Immigration Bill, at this stage
of mass flooding, impedes the
Safety of the United States of America.
The Glen Reynolds and Dr. Helen Smith interview
with Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist; this a.m.
(immigration legislation update.)
And you will see why it reached a halt.
Dr. Helen site; click the (pod-less) cast link
How do you correct a siege gracefully with 100% in
total agreement?... Secure the Borders!!
The safety of our country, must come first!
Attention: Read This Dangerous AGENDA!
~Projection of the over-all costs to continue a no border
~The Ugly Truth AboutIllegal Immigration Protests
As I was out doing errands, earlier, I see first-hand just
how much anger, and resentment is building towards Border
Control, from the "LEGAL" Hispanic immigrants!!

Don't they (as Americans) want
our borders to be safe, too?
(Or what?!)
UPDATE: Secure America, join the coalition against
ILLEGAL immigration, at the: uncooperativeblogger!

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