Illegals Leave Environmental Damage

Both images are called
Arizona Wild-mix
"The first image, is a typical scene that
makes Arizona one of the most Loved states.
"The second image: A result of hundreds of
thousands of illegal border jumpers,
who continue to trample this natural Desert land."
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"Where are the Environmentalists?"
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According to: FAIR;
The Federation for Immigration Reform
Article Excerpt:
In Douglas, Bisbee, and other Arizona border towns, nearly
every open field is littered with thousands of plastic water
jugs, pieces of clothing, and other remnants from illegals in
the march. Ranchers confront torn-down fences, water lines cut
by thirsty trespassers, spilling thousands of gallons of water
onto the desert dust, and cattle dying after ingesting the
discarded plastic.

Bisbee rancher Charlie Miller reported that he s had more
than a dozen cattle killed by hungry illegal migrants who
carve away enough meat to eat and leave the rest to rot
in the sun.

Governmental Statistics:
Every illegal border jumper leaves behind 8 lbs of trash…
They have marred scenic ranches, beautiful desert borderlands,
foothills, forests and wildlife sanctuaries.
~Environmental Activists:
ignore trails of human waste and trash
Along the border, at the Tohono O'odham reservation,
human waste that contaminated hand-dug wells in one village
forced the tribe to truck in water. Humble said the diseases
most frequently associated with exposure to human waste are
hepatitis A and giardiasis, a parasitic intestinal infection.
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