The Hand-Painted Tulle

A Lovely creation from
~Oscar de la Renta~
"I Love his Designs, which are always well made,
using the finest of fabrics...Like: A Metallic
brocade jacket in Taupe cashmere."
His Designs are never "trendy"..
(Pictured here: Embroidered tulle with satin ribbon tie)
~click-image-to enlarge~ | © Coll-06
~A Little Story~
"I hand painted a long tulle fabric to wear as
a shawl. Wasn’t sure which paint to use, until
I found soft lavenders, pinks, sea green, and
baby blues. Flowers of delicate iridescence,
reflecting light, with a beautiful soft sheen..
(See a piece used as scarf, for Butterscotch.)
Lots of complements, and everyone wanted one...
Until it RAINED!!
The paint drifted and although it did not go through
to my skin, it RUINED an expensive white gown!!
Since then, no more hand-painted clothes!"...M.B.
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~ All content © | Digimarc -06

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