Palestinian Indoctrination


Click-on-image: To view this 2002 film-
Upon reexamination of this film, which depicts Palestinian
children encouraged to choose Shahada (A child Jihad)
it is easy to assert that, for the child, it just may be the only
logical means by which they are taught to exit their own
regime. These are the new seeds of the Islamic Republic
of which are taught to ask for death...
They know not yet, of olive trees, only of the bomb.
Quickly recognized today, from this film of 2002:
The signature of a youth raised within this ideology,
and their propensity towards secretariat violence.
A Revolution Waiting to Happen?
Their potential for Mob-Rule within the slightest exposure
to "outside" rational thought... They are a time-bomb.
In-as-much as you would like to scoop them up, and
take them away...Do not give them your sympathy,
give them encouragement to Break away from
the Den of Hatred and Death
Today an entire generation of Palestinian children,
victims of the PA’s indoctrination and propaganda, believe
that their death for Allah in war is the highest achievement
attainable in life. This education is an indelible stain on
Palestinian society, and places the Palestinian Authority
among the greatest child abusers in history."
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