UN: Shaking Things Up

Looks like Kofi Annan is really trying to shake things up, in order to clean up the mess "realign operations from headquarters to field"before his departure: December 31st...

While on my trip yesterday, I heard that that he outlined several proposals at a meeting in New York...
One of which: The move of "translation services" from an otherwise prestigious New York location to an 'out-sourced' location. I'd heard that China is currently eyeing this opportunity!...
Let China censor translate that for you!.. (kidding)

~SERIOUSLY watch this guy with the WSIS internet grab...
(on this move!)

Keeping with UN tradition, Annan (at the same time of proposal) called for an increase of $280 million a year in salary and staff benefits! read article...

He has a little over eight months, to complete all (below 1-9; and more):

(The House Committee on International Relations has circulated a draft of proposed legislation on May 25th, 2005; that would link United States funding to the United Nations)
NOTE: Failure to implement the reforms could result in withholdings of as much as 50 percent of the US-UN regular budget contribution in any one year.
United Nations Reform Act of 2005.

1. Reflects Congressional Frustration over Current Scandals
2. Calls for More Voluntary Contributions, Weighted Voting on Budgetary Matters
3. Contains Accountability Provisions Independent Oversight Board (IOB)
4. Calls for Inclusion of Israel in WEOG
5. States Policies Related to Human Rights
6. Seeks Enhancement of IAEA Safeguards
7. Peacekeeping Reform Provisions Extensive
8. Certification Required for New or Expanded Operations
9.Certifications Linked to Payment of Dues

~Read more detail
Successor Changes:
There's a squabble, and it will get louder... But expect this politician (below) to be "more in the news" the months to come...
~Believe it!

Article excerpt:
One of the most controversial proposals is to contract operations out, or shift work to lower cost locations. A recent report estimates outsourcing of translation services could save 35-million dollars a year and free three-floors of the 38-story headquarters building in New York.

The New York headquarters employs about 4,500 people. But Mr. Annan noted that worldwide, the organization has 30,000 employees, more than half in the field. The biggest growth area in recent years has been in peacekeeping, which takes up 70 percent of the $10 billion annual budget.

To underline the growth of peacekeeping, Mr. Annan noted that when he took over as secretary-general 10 years ago, peacekeeping accounted for only 50 percent of a budget that totaled less than half of today's $10 billion figure. Full article.
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