The Facts About WSIS

[M. Barbay; Political Collection-05]

Day two, session two, The UN, discusses its strategies sessions in discussion with US Internet ICANN (Internet's Domain Registry group)

The UN General Assembly Resolution (56/183) 11/16-thru-18|-05
The World Summit on the Information Society: WSIS

A very informative article by: Ajit K. Pyati is a PhD student at UCLA’s Department of Information Studies, whose area of focus is on discourses of modernization and information, breaks down several areas for more understanding. It is well worth the read

Article Excerpt:

"On a broader philosophical note, one can question what authority the UN and "world community" have in declaring that we all are living in and want to further build an "Information Society." In fact, whether or not we are indeed living in this new society, and its fundamental nature, are still being debated. But the UN has already decided on what this "Information Society" will be, and justifies the legitimacy of its framing and definition by referring to a "common vision."

The effects of WSIS in terms of addressing the "digital divide" will be seen in how national governments, and the World Bank and IMF respond to its recommendations. WSIS has made a positive step in raising the profile of ICTs in development, but its simplistic, technologically deterministic framing of the Information Society and global digital divide debates may have negative consequences down the road."

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