What Are They Saying?

Given the gravity of this situation...
(what with the mass graves, you name it)
I can hardly believe I've read an article like this...(even for al-jazeera) who gives you the low-down on the up-side of Dictatorship..(??)

~Heeding lessons from Saddam’s regime?
-3/5/2006 12:30:00 PM GMT

Oh-I know... It's a bad dream & I'm typing in my sleep.
Yeah... That explains it.
~Snippets from- al-jazeera:
~But Saddam didn’t need an outside interference or some foreign country’s military to repress this uprising, he did it himself.
~"Saddam is definitely responsible for the deaths of many when he was in power. But at least Iraq remained united during his rule."
~"I knew Saddam would stand tall and tell all. He's afraid of nothing."
~They left their comments up!- Iraq etc."
~Read: Bill Clinton on Late Show with David Letterman-9/11/02 ~Conservative Cat: Laura Ingraham -Why the L. Supports a Fascist
~ Rick Moran's , How Far They've Fallen edition of:
Carnival of the Clueless #35!

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