Nuke and Missile Blocker

Improved, now released, to protect Israel From Missile Attacks:
The Enemy is surprised, that it is now impossible
Via: ISN
Israel is now protected from missile strikes by Patriot missiles and two operational Arrow batteries, each thought to have hundreds of missiles....Additionally, now capable of intercepting Iran's Shihab-3 missile...
As we all viewed this clip of Ahmadinejad's speech (during Iranian's Revolution celebration) and saw the hundreds of thousands of Iranians cheering for the right to have Nuclear... Until this new news, I've felt uneasy...
[unpredictability of his regime]
(click on picture to view video)
~A little better explanation about Arrow 2 below:
~Via: pressdisplay:
"The Arrow missile is launched before the threat missile's trajectory and intercept point are accurately known. As more trajectory data becomes available, the optimum intercept point is more precisely defined and the missile is guided towards the optimum intercept point"...

View the explanation in larger view: click-here!
Here it is...

~See a closer view... click-here!

~More Via: ISN
"Asked about the danger of the Arrow destroying a nuclear or non-conventional missile over Israel, the officer claimed that the height at which the incoming missile was destroyed would mean that its payload was dispersed...
without causing casualties.

"In its most recent test, the Arrow 2 succeeded in destroying a mock of the Shihab-3 at a far greater height than in the previous 13 tests of the system."

UPDATE: In the case of a false missle, these new improvements made to the Arrow enable detection of all decoys, or missle carrying a split warhead, and accurately strike the incoming threat.
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