ACLU- Dissolving Scout Troops

[Rockwell; 1977 Pres. medal of Freedom]
God Bless America's Boy Scouts
"Sorry boys, your institution continues to dissolve...You have Lost":
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Fear of ACLU lawsuits force Scouts to scrap troop charters
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From: ACLU-
F;F |99- The ACLU of Illinois, acting on behalf of Reverend Winkler, Rabbi Gerson and others, challenged the use of public funds by the Chicago Public Schools, the Department of Defense and the Department of Housing and Urban Development to support Boy Scout troops.

The Chicago Public Schools and the Pentagon previously entered into settlements agreeing to stop their direct sponsorship of Boy Scout troops. Boy Scouts can still meet on military bases, and military personnel can still participate in Scout activities on their own time. The Pentagon settlement came after lawyers from the ACLU of Illinois argued that the Pentagon's direct sponsorship of BSA troops meant that government personnel -- acting in their official capacity -- were requiring young people to affirm a belief in God in order to participate in a government-sponsored activity.

Charles Peters, Laura Friedel and David Scott of the Schiff Hardin law firm are co-counsel along with ACLU of Illinois attorney Adam Schwartz in representing Reverend Winkler and Rabbi Gerson.

~Latest Agenda of the ACLU:
~ACLU Calls for Full Examination of Roberts' Positions;
WASHINGTON -- The American Civil Liberties Union today expressed deep concern about some of the civil liberties positions advocated by Judge John Roberts, President Bush's choice to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court.

While serving as principal deputy solicitor general from 1989-1993, he authored briefs calling for:
~ Roe v. Wade to be overruled,
~ Supporting graduation prayer
~ Seeking to criminalize flag burning as a form of political protest.
Stop the ACLU:Hostettler asks Legion to help confront ACLU

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