Migratory Tracking in the UAE

The Powerful Gyr Falcon

"Beautiful, elegant, absolutely independent, and self-confident."
"They are dangerous, but that is also part of the fascination"…
“When they fly to you, it's somehow a very good feeling. For just a couple of minutes one feels as though you actually dominate the animal."~Mirjam Hampel
[Gulf News; -06]
Speaking at a 3-day speed test-trial, which determines how fast this powerful Gyr Falcon will fly from a perch over 360 meters to its owner:

This is a message to the International Community
From friends in the United Arab Emirates- UAE:

There have been ZERO cases of the H5N1 strain, so far...And they intend to keep it that way! Read an important article by: Nissar Hoath , which explains just what the UAE is doing, to keep birds safe.
The UAE lies in the path of the migratory pattern of birds, amidst the possibility of the H5N1 strain (bird flu) as is being detected, country after country...
Now monitoring this predator who (as prolific hunter) comes into contact with hundreds of prey daily, from a variety of birds. The Gyr Falcon attacks both on the ground and in air, as it migrates to North Africa in winter, spending summer months in Eastern Europe & Asia.
UAE's current studies are situated in a highly technical and professional facility, under expert supervision of trained international Veterinarian’s and their colleagues. These and other powerful birds, are thoroughly checked, studied, and placed into a 21 day quarantine, upon receipt.
Facts: The largest, priciest and scariest of the clinic's falcon patients are Gyrs. Of which their cost is up to $40,000 (Dh147,120)... They are an investment that owners are eager to protect...yet their health is as delicate as egg-shell.
The sheer bulk of a Gyr brings one common complaint. All that heft puts a considerable burden on a creature's claws, which are prone to a condition called bumblefoot…if the perch material is inappropriate.
The other leading problem - aspergillosis - is a fungal lung infection exacerbated by the inherent trickiness of bringing a Siberian creature to the Gulf.
The majority of birds flown in Dubai are hybrids - predominantly Gyr/peregrines. Usually female birds are preferred - they are bigger and the houbara is a sizeable prey. Read more of this article about the different types of birds here.
The Gyr Falcon:
The largest falcon, native to sub-arctic regions.

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