The Botching of Dubai

UPDATE: 3-14-06
HT: forward biased, (CoV)
Read an important update by:
Dubai Port Capitulation Likely Fraudulent
As always, those who were informed, and remain central to appropriateness: "Our community of international bloggers!"
KSE is the main venue of investment in Kuwait, whose economy is dominated by the state and how it spends oil revenues. It lists 161 companies from Kuwait and other Gulf countries...It is essential that they expand...And as with all dealings in business, for the last several months a pending arrangement with Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.

...And (as with all business dealings) a little leverage: Temasek etc....
Now powered an all-cash $5.69 billion (£3.3 billion) deal...set in motion.
Wow was this completely blown out of proportion!
(And is hoped not to discourage future International trade) ...Not because of the outcome, but with the highly unprofessional way at which this escalated, and then to Media. I would highly recommend that appropriateness guidelines be drawn, on "All Sides" of our Government. We must never enable this type of Circus to occur again!

(The dignity of America died just a little bit, today)
As far as this being a situation by which Senators (and the like) needed more information.. This (along with other documents ) lend proof that those on the Homeland Security Committee, reviewed for months, and brought forth files, representing complete data of DP's intentions, and progressive relationship of DP and P&O.
Shared liberally within the committee
...Thus, reaching decision in February. If someone, in the Senate, on this committee, does not follow these important memos, or lacks regular attendance, they must be dismissed.
Briefing intelligence (pdf) on Dubai Ports World Purchase of Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.
Monday, February 27, 2006
2:30 p.m.
~Wizbang: Sittin' on the dock of the bay
...watching the political tide roll away.
~Uncooperativeblogger: Dubai Company to Give Up
...Stake in U.S. Ports Deal

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