Watch For the Activists!

"I wear fake-fur, by choice, but believe in living and deciding within the dictates of one's "own" conscience, without answering to activists. This isn't always possible... (Especially for the celeb!)
(And hey, I've been attacked with spray-paint in L.A.-01; while wearing fake!")
The Real...
[Gaultier- Winter-07]
~"The cat made out better, and knows it!" ;) larger: click-here
~Freedom is important; -Butt- they want to: Save the Sheep!
~That's just mean, when they said, "Too many PETAS!
~Lolan, on the look-out for the activists!
...And last:
[Fendi; Winter-07]
~"Oh, it's my Fendi with the hood"..
~Here's PETA'S: Offendi in the hood!
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Carnival of the Celebrities!
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Carnival of Insanities!
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