Hague's Passivity Pardon

The lengthy trial of Slovodan Milosevic and his death without conviction, demonstrates the Hague court’s ‘failure to humanity' and 'descendants of those victimized' by his genocide. All remain denied proper historical closure for his:
"Massive Crimes Against Humanity."
[Billboard tiplifies bitter enmity-1992;Dex]
As the fall of the Berlin Wall ushered in a new era of international politics, Milosevic (acting with impunity) supervised the brutalization
of neighboring populations in an attempt to crush Serbian rule by
-Croats, Bosnian Muslims, and ethnic Albanians.-
Truth: Had not the threat of nuclear war been put on hold
(due to Russia's 1986 nuclear accident -Chernobyl...
We'd have recorded casualties of convenience, escalating beyond the "Hundreds of Thousands."
Milosevic's success, using legal loopholes, postponement of trials, along with extradition of direct accomplices, served to place accountability of his war crimes, massive slaughter-genocide, in passive stance...
The International court's verdict became (somehow)
"Equal" to a pardon..
Below-Excerpt: from MSM:
"The trial was recessed last week to await his next defense witness. Milosevic also was waiting for a court decision on his request to subpoena former President Bill Clinton as a witness...

Steven Kay, a British attorney assigned to represent Milosevic, said Saturday that the former Serb leader would not have fled, and was not suicidal. "He said to me: 'I haven't taken on all this work just to walk away from it and not come back. I want to see this case through,'" Kay told the British Broadcasting Corp.

Milosevic's death came less than a week after the star witness in his trial, former Croatian Serb leader Milan Babic, was found dead in the same prison. Babic, who was serving a 13-year prison sentence, committed suicide.

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