Enforce Our Laws, NOW!

Under the guise of immigration, this ‘mass’ undocumented
crossing at our borders, has become known, quite possibly, as the
largest territorial violation our country has known, to date.
[Fox News; Via-instapundit
"The volume of this crowd (above) serves to show example of
(approx) 100 days entry; near a section of homes!
"We are allowing those south or our borders
to dominate the way we provide citizenship,
thus we are disabling opportunities for other
immigrants around the World."
The article of: Robert J. Samuelson bares repeating...
"Guest workers would mainly legalize today's vast inflows of illegal immigrants, with the same consequence: We'd be importing poverty. This isn't because these immigrants aren't hardworking; many are. Nor is it because they don't assimilate; many do. But they generally don't go home, assimilation is slow and the ranks of the poor are constantly replenished. Since 1980 the number of Hispanics with incomes below the government's poverty line (about $19,300 in 2004 for a family of four) has risen 162 percent. Over the same period, the number of non-Hispanic whites in poverty rose 3 percent and the number of blacks, 9.5 percent. What we have now -- and would with guest workers -- is a conscious policy of creating poverty in the United States while relieving it in Mexico. By and large, this is a bad bargain for the United States." read complete article, here.

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