Putin Halted by Environmentalists

[Anastasiya Vikhrova- Lake Baikal]
Russia - 3 . 26. 06 |
Well, according to RIA Novosti, it appears that
Putin's $11 billion Pacific oil pipeline from East Siberia to
Perevoznaya Bay (near Pacific Ocean port of Nakhodka) is a no-go
(or more than likely put on hold)...
Russia’s environmental watchdog, Rostekhnadzor, gave it
thumbs down prior to the weekend..

The 4,188 kilometers (2,600 mile) pipeline (hoped to begin -08)
Was to stretch from East Siberian oil from Taishet, via the town of
Skovorodino near Chinese border to the Perevoznaya Bay on the Pacific
Ocean. It, unfortunately passes within miles of lake Baikal (Above)
... A big no-no, for a hand-full of environmentalists...

Although was previously approved, other considerations yet to be
explored fully, such as Lake Baikal, world’s largest freshwater bay,
being the end-point of the pipeline travels..

Having created a stir amongst several environmental organizations,
such as: Russian representative offices of Greenpeace,
World Society for the Protection of Animals and World Wildlife Fund
who have already prepared a report on the damaging effects of
Pacific pipeline’s construction and plan to send it to foreign banks
that Transneft may address for a credit.

~Transneft claims that the oil pipeline won’t damage the environment.


~Don Surber's: Best of Sunday,
~Basil's: Articles of Interest

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