Shifting Sectarian Violence

Much patience is needed for the evolution of Liberty in Iraq:
Let us not forget: 12/13/05:
The Iraqis were aided by marksmen, in order to vote...
-Dismantling the volatile Anbar province, to vote:

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I still tear, everytime I think of the amazing courageousness of the Iraqi people.
Quote by Ali al-Lami -(Iraqi Electoral Commission)
"Violence has no place in any democratic elections. This is a time for national reconciliation though the political process."

Note: They have surely evolved. During the Saddam regime, "reconciliation" for civil disobedience or civil uprisings, meant death...
The more I've come to understand the dynamics here, I realize that it is as if a majority of the Middle Eastern cities are now living within the same circumstances as we did, in our "1920's, 30's, and 40's." It's as if they remain (as is true with many other parts of the World) left behind during evolution of modern lawfulness. We need to understand this, and give them much patience...

For instance: Take a look at America during the (1949) upsurge of Gangsterism. There had been many decades of bullet sprays from drive-by gangsters, of which most carried automatic weapons and the like...
[Enlarge: click-here]
The 'killing for killing' was ruthless; as were the wars between mob families. In fact, those who survived a shooting, often needed bodyguards at the hospital, or later in the courtroom.

The Gangs in the streets with free-reign, took advantage of the weak and the ineffectuality of enforcements.

It took decades to shift from the many phases of lawlessness, but not until the gangs joined society as State's Witnesses, did they finally gain control.
Outside insurgence (such as that which currently befalls Iraq) became a pivotal factor in shifting this dynamic. Gangs along with civilians grew tired of being frightened...
UPDATE: Sunnis and Sadr's Shiites make peace!
This is great!! I certainly hope this is true, and lasting!
It will be, only because they make this shift themselves... (^__^)

The Owner's Manual: The B O M #130!!
~ht: Wizbang: Pentagon: No Civil War in Iraq
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