Media Spoof

I have posted this, some time ago....But what with the new Palestinian terrorist leadership that shocked the World, it is important for many (who have not seen this film) to view it, as it affirms (once again) that the Palestinians will stop at NOTHING...(Even enlisting leadership of a leading terrorist organization who defies recognition of Israel, against the demands of the World.)
The power of the media, where one picture can be worth...
A thousand weapons...

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Meet Pallywood: A war set where mocked footage using real gunfire is carefully supervised by set directors, in an attempt to shape World sympathy for the Palestinian cause...
In this Film: View actors, film sets, their affiliates, and just how these films are then marketed out to media distribution and passed off as current news stories...
Daled Amos hosts: The Soccerdad's
Haveil Havalim #59... View excellent posts...
abbagav: posts an excellent insight, that brings forth a question!
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