Life Under Saddam's Regime

The courageous stories being told by Iraqis, and the gratitude that they express for the end of Saddam's brutal rule... The President meets to hear the progress.
~Life Under Saddam Hussein.
[White House photo: Eric Draper]
President George W. Bush exchanges handshakes
with Mr. Mohammed Jaber during a visit: White House
Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2006,
Mr. Jaber is a former Iraqi journalist who was jailed for writing a story that raised questions about how oil money was being spent...

President Meets with Victims of Saddam Hussein
~Discusses Progress in Iraq

"It's been my honor to visit with folks who know firsthand the brutality of Saddam Hussein. These are folks who have suffered, one way or the other, because the tyrant was a law unto himself, and was willing to deny people basic human rights. The stories here are compelling stories. They're stories of sadness and stories of bravery." ~January 18, 2006
-President George W. Bush
~Tales of the People Inc. quotes from the grateful Iraqi people.

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