While Senators Grill Alito

World Roll Call During Alito Grilling:

I completely appreciate living in a country of Democracy, but basically this News was given minimal importance today, alongside the Alito grilling and re-grilling. (I actually had to retrieve this from a search at a China based News, to get additional Int'l reaction.)

[Enriching process in action; at facility]

Monday, TEHRAN, Jan. 10 | Xinhuanet -- Iran removed seals on its nuclear research sites on Tuesday and will resume the fuel research activities later in the day, despite International calls to refrain from resuming sensitive nuclear work, officials said.

Followed by a host of response by the World Community, including the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, (IAEA) Mohammed ElBaradei, who says he is running out of patience with Iran over a dispute about the nature of its nuclear research activities.

From: xinhuanet:

~Russia "very disappointed" with Iran's renewal of nuclear work

~Japan urges Iran to halt nuclear research.

~Germany warns Iran over resumption of nuclear research

~Britain condemns Iran's resumption of nuclear research

~French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy is calling on Iran to retract without delay its decision to restart nuclear activities.

~And of course, China's own statement.
...Which, by the way, gets points for responsible journalism!

China's Coverage:

~US has no plan to attack Iran: White House.
"The president (George W. Bush) made it pretty clear, he said previously that Iran is not Iraq," White House spokesman Scott McClellan told a news briefing.

"We're working with the international community to solve this in a peaceful and diplomatic manner, that's what we've been doing and continue to do," McClellan said.

Reuter's Coverage:

Former post: Iran

"According to Reuters:
US warns Iran against resuming nuclear research
Tue Jan 3, 2006 4:39 PM ET
"If Iran takes any further enrichment-related steps, the international community will have to consider additional measures to restrain Iran's nuclear ambitions," he said, without specifying what action the United States wanted...

Perhaps our Senators might be available to make a comment?
~ Conservative Cat | Basil's Picnic-Discussion.
~Linked with: The Alito Hearings Day 2 The Questioning

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