The Truth About Iran

Press conference: Russian Dignitaries (r) Iranian officials (L)]
According to -- Javad Vaeedi, the head of the Iranian nuclear negotiating team: Iran can study the economic, technical, and scientific aspects of Moscow's new proposal, according to which Russia would supply the nuclear fuel required by the Bushehr nuclear power plant for an entire year and Iran would transfer the nuclear fuel waste to Russia, Vaeedi told the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA).

[Lab Buildings located at the nuclear facility]
"Under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), countries that possess nuclear technology should cooperate with countries that lack nuclear expertise in order to expand this technology.

[Enriching process in action; at facility]
"Since nuclear projects that are within the framework of the NPT and the International Atomic Energy Agency Charter are of an economic, non-military, technical, and scientific nature, Iran will seriously and gladly study the Russian proposal if it is within this framework."

TEHRAN | Dec. 28 (MNA) -- The continued suspensions on Iran's nuclear activities including nuclear research which are not legally or internationally acceptable will damage the country's nuclear industry beyond repair, a member of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee said on Wednesday.

~Meanwhile: an expert on international affairs, Amir-Ali Abolfath, told the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) on Tuesday that Russia does not want Iran's nuclear case to be referred to the United Nations Security Council since it will be the second country after Iran that will face disadvantages from the referral.

MB: "This situation is getting trumped up by MSM...and unfortunately aids in pushing Iran into the arms of Russia. This (at its worst) can only increase wealth for a society of terror.

See Reuters today": (1-3-06)

According to Reuters:
US warns Iran against resuming nuclear research
Tue Jan 3, 2006 4:39 PM ET
"If Iran takes any further enrichment-related steps, the international community will have to consider additional measures to restrain Iran's nuclear ambitions," he said, without specifying what action the United States wanted...

M.B: "As the Whitehouse, attempts to address Iran's need to comply with the guidelines of (NPT) protocol, we are seeing the western media at work, trying to raise the level of intensity, and create this as a potencity for embroiled war."

[Pres. Khatami | Visits nuclear centers: Natanz & Esfahan
Date: 3-30-05

He is joined by a Press team, who are allowed to look and photograph all of the facility, including documents, labs, records of Uranium store logs. All found to be satisfactory,
and legitimate.

[Press go over more detail; and produce photos]

~Basil posts: Iran will resume atomic work.
~Carnival Cat's Festival

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