Live Life, be Brave -2006

Take chances this year, for God's sake......
Do 365 things you've always wanted to do, but didn't have the time.

Breathe every bit of air, find humor in everything...
(but don't forget to be daring, and live your life.)

Remember all those things that you gathered up the courage to do,
Then robbed yourself, at the last minute....

Come on now.... You can do it!!!.... GO!!!
(Just throw your body forward, to the center.)
... There....that's right.

....Remember, the porch is only seventy feet up, and the water is 100 ft. deep, so you'll be just fine.... (*.....*)
..Oh and, clear those rocks or you'll be a "Real" slimy molluscs..(ttlb-term)

Ah-well, it's OKAY.......I'll go first!.....

"Peace, Joy,
..and have a Very-y-y-y-y....
(click-here)..warning: (mature)(R)

Whew! I did it!
~IMAO'S... Carnival of Comedy#36

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