Interdependent Outsource

In a World of innovations, fast paced demand for products and marketing
response, outsourcing has become the most readily available alternative
to aid company development and growth. An interesting dichotomy is
transpiring, not without questionable impact to the future of our marketing firms, future entrepreneurs, and those who must gain access to new development...

(released in today's Economic Times)
( Excerpt:
"While so-called first world nations are busy re-branding film content as
videogames, repackaging Asian-made processors in new boxes, or finding new ways
to charge for last decade’s pop music downloads, so-called developing nations are
writing the code, manufacturing the chips, and even performing the customer service
on all these goods and services.

If anything, America’s workers and executives
are taking on the role of surrogate consumers."

Considering the impact that this may have on the future of America's workers and executives as we meet the demands of commerce, we must also examine the long-range goals and business strategies now held as second priority. These key core issues address many facets, including issues of development, coding, etc; as our American companies risk losing touch with the skills that used to define their advantage. (Advantage, as in: ability to problem-solve.)

As we delegate, we outsource those jobs which encourage or demand thinking, self-improvement, and inventiveness, and retain those at which the unskilled, uneducated, and uninspired people can perform... Perhaps we might need to set aside short-term goals and re-think the long-term goals, early in the game?

Read an article by the winner of the first Neil Postman award for Achievement in Public Intellectual Activity... Author, teacher, & documentarian D. Rushkoff.

A study by Allen, Robert C. (Editor), Professor of Economic History, University of Oxford: Addresses one of the most fundamental questions in Economic history, and one that has provoked intense debate re: the gap of standards of living (perhaps having emerged long before the industrial revolution.)

"Careful planning is essential to our growth as a interdependent society."...M.B.
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