Steve Ford: Our Former President's Son

Ingredients of Genuine Leader

I just found this Treasured (old film clip) which indicates a remarkable Leadership quality, of Gerald Ford's Son, Steve! I want the new President of 2008 to be just like this!! One with a good sense of humor, who believes in all of America COMPLETELY... As he reaches out with a genuine hope!
((Click-on Image-Above))
In a prior post, I had returned from paying my respects to a truly Great man of our Nation, and of my community: Former President and Mr. Gerald Ford. Saddened by this loss, we realize his commitment and importance to the service of our Nation, at a time when no other President could have helped us to move beyond the tremendous wound to our Nation's confidence...

Our former President's son has this same special quality! I have no idea the date of the clip (above)... I just know that you will be charmed, laugh a little, and realize what a true leader, Steve Ford is! I am one who believes in miracles...I think that we need someone like him to pull us all together...
View clip above And let me know what you think.
-A few Gerald Ford links, which might have been missed:
Ford saved 700 lives as Navy lieutenant

VIDEO Ford Contributions which have spread "world-wide"
to help heal the Culture of America!

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