Defining the Opposition

As the search continues for those combatants who sponsor and lay threat to out troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, it is told that a large number continue to take refuge in the rugged mountains along on the Afghan-Pakistani border.
~See: detailed map here.

As Pakistani officials have forbidden U. S. Soldiers to cross this border, we must rely upon surveillance and intelligence operatives, in order to secure safety for our troops. To give you an idea of the danger involved when air surveillance is initiated, upon entry at the Iraqi borders...See Media clip
~Sometimes it's a correct 14 second decision, or lives are lost.

~About Clip: Iraqi Air Force Squadron 70 using FLIR (forward looking infrared radar) equipped aircraft monitor the activities of a suspicious vehicle. Iraqi military officials believed it was a possible attempt to park a VBIED (vehicle-borne improvised explosive device) on the street. (Video provided by Coalition Military Assistance Training Team)
~Aerial view: Suspicious Building 1
~Aerial view: Suspicious Building 2

Made difficult, are the preventions of casualties, as countries continue to provide residence to militant groups. Also largely due to the negative impact of Media bias, of which continue to press their influence, even amidst the risk of endangering our troops.

More than ever before, we are at the crossroads:
[Copyright © 2006 DigimarcMamma; Syria-04]
A personal experience:

A friend (pictured above) made it very clear, in 2002, that people of the Middle East are confused about the "facts" of our country.

"When the US media portrays their Government as evil", he told me, "Much of the Middle East believes what they read, as most cultures do not yet understand the freedom and appropriateness of voicing ones own opposition."

To gain safety for civilians and our troops, we must improve our communications with countries who claim not to sponsor terrorism, yet are reluctant to lend full cooperation towards its prevention/eradication. These are the same people who understandably, remain frightened by the true aspects of war.. so close to their door step. Yet, mistakenly view America as an instigator.


With the help of a world collective of many positive efforts, we will succeed:

In a speech shown Sunday on state-run Pakistan Television, President Gen. Pervez Musharraf did not address the Damadola strike directly, but he warned his countrymen not to harbor militants, saying it would only increase violence inside Pakistan.

"If we keep sheltering foreign terrorists here ... our future will not be good. Remember what I say," Musharraf said in the speech, which was made Saturday in the northwestern town of Sawabi. ~quote: I.H.Tribune

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