A March for Humanity

[On His Last March; Memphis-68]| Copyright © 2006 Digimarc images Photo Caption......(detail)
"Martin Luther locked arms with two aids as he led a protest march last Thursday in Memphis that ended in violence and looting. The Nobel Peace Prize-winner escaped injury that day but was fatally shot Thursday as he stood on balcony of his Memphis motel."

This 1968 article,"On His Last March", reminds me that
we live in a World where there are no endings and beginnings,
only Dreams of what we shape to become something new.

Looking at this newspaper clip you could see, in Martin Luther King Jr's eyes, that he was overwhelmed. He marched clutching those in disbelief. With his promise of peace, you could see that this was not at all what he had intended, on his last day.~Close-up

There was violence, looting, and a full scale riot...

His sacrifice for social justice and equality, and his inspirations, are now etched into the hearts of the entire Human Race... Along with remembering the legacy of what this spirit brought us all, we must remember how he, as inspirator, etched a place for the
dignity of mankind through his
Dream of peace, and basic freedoms.

There can be no other way.

If you want to wake up your heart, please listen to these words.

Gary Cruse at
Owners Manual Presents:
Best of Me Symphony #124!

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