The Most Fortunate

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Figures have shown that children of third world countries enjoy the outdoors and simple magic of creative entertainment, much more than American children, who prefer staying indoors 24-7, playing computer games.

It appears that American children are not the most fortunate..

Figures have shown that a measurable percentage of third world adults do not have bank accounts, mortgages, new car payments, nor a reliable source of income...While a calculated amount of American adults have several bank accounts, a mortgage which exceeds a measurable percentage of their income, three cars, and sometimes two jobs...

Examining the points below, may determine the most fortunate:

1. Americans complain about congested traffic...
Typical third world traffic

2. Americans complain about road construction!
Typical third world road construction!

3. Americans stop to get a carton of milk...
Third world stops to get a carton of milk.

4. American machines replace animals.
Third world animals replace machines.

5. Americans complain about the neighbor's pets...
Third world pets complain about the neighbors

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