Ask a True Persian

Well, Bin Laden has definately made the news today...
I myself, just can't stand to have an ugly Bin Laden picture on my blog....
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And what with Butterscotch being Persian & one of the ancient Iranians under Cyrus..I asked him (after his bath this morning) what he thought about Iranian President Ahmadinejad's stand on Nuclear program, and his withdrawl of funds from Europe...
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I guess only a true Persian would understand his reply...
...But here it is anyway..... Click Here!


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Anonymous said...

Hi dear
I'm an Iranian ;)
I dont know what do u think about iranian , but there is one thing that u have to know! that is the Nuclear is a Right for IRanian people! and not only them! for all , all countries!

MB said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment. :) I have a fond respect for the well-being of ALL Iranian people...
-If I were granted the safety, I would come out and free ALL Iranian political prisoners, held for 15 years for speaking out.

THE NUCLEAR ISSUE: I think that the 'death to Israel' in the same sentence as nuclear rights was previewed as highly suspect...But not just from US; it remains a concern, expressed by a majority of the Int’l community.

A demand to uphold Int'l Nuclear protocol is a right of the community, not just US... I wish success for the rights and freedoms of the people of your nation.
If you see a way that (safely) can come out and accomplish this, email me.

ps: These comments may disappear (really) as haloscan comments are being brought back on this old post. :) So come back and comment on new. I care about your input.

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