Too Revealing You Say?

Senate blocks vote to extend USA PATRIOT ACT- required to intercept and obstruct terrorism!

When the Patriot act was re-authorized last July, I thought that this would help curb the possibility of Terrorists attacks... Quite simply, it has. I guess the only way we will know if we were on the right course, is if we allow the Provisions to expire? Ha! View copy of our October 26, 2001 Patriot Act here.

~Article from July 22nd, Re-authorization 2005: House Re-authorizes
required to intercept and obstruct terrorism!

"It is not a Republican vote; it is not a Democrat vote," said one of the rogue Republicans, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of California. Instead, he cast it as an attempt to adhere to the limited government envisioned by the Founding Fathers."
~Listed with: Carnival Cat's Ping Festival, instapundit ~ Patriots at joscafe
Our country is vulnerable. If we need to know intelligence, those who wish to harm our country will have it too. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
~Listen to an excellent podcast: Don Surber: Podcast: Hooray For Spying.
~Excellent article which reflects the House-Senate Holiday time-constraint
(i.e. ending Legislative year.) found at: brightandearly.

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