The Techno Cat-sitter

[Butterscotch with cat robot 05- Enlarge ]

Cat's are notorious for climbing a-top paint and canvas while one is working...
Especially when they're not the center of attention.

Luckily this morning, when opening the Amoier for more painting supplies,
I came across an unfamiliar box... Ah-ha! Little Butterscotch's techno-friend.

ROBOT CAT: Gift from a friend some time ago, the robot kneads, purrs, and has the most lovely little meows... (As long as the batteries last)

~Visit them all at Modulator's atFriday Ark # 65! every Friday...
~(*'_'*) shame on you, Basil! hosts WCB # 26at their new beautiful home.
~Don't miss, Laurence Simon's... "Carnival of the Cat's #91 on Sunday
Hosted by the beautiful site of Music and the Cats... Enjoy this great Carnival!

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