Ta da! Finished! Maybe?

[M. Barbay; a crop of finished Polo piece-05]
I think I may have come across a new painting style (by being too busy) hehehe. Normally I would finish a piece like this, by adding expression to the crowd, richness of colors in the foreground, etc.. Above: A polo match at which a particular polo player (at the club) is riding up alongside another horse.
Cropped to show approx. 1/9th section that fit in my scanner..(Also too busy to photograph.)

Two down, four Christmas painting commissions to go! ((^_^))

~Oh, the "Barbay" is applied, till I watermark (to keep image from unauthorized usage) Hehehe...not a part of the scene.

~Listed with: Carnival Cat's Ping Festival.
~Listed at: Basil's luncheon

~ Red guy in a Blue State hosts
the The Bonfire of the Vanities CXXIX... Now up!

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