Domestic Surveillance

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Are the same individuals who are concerned with Domestic Surveillance-spying, the same who complain about not enough governmental intervention at our borders? Perhaps the most common failure is the lack of reality that the sleepers are already here...

Today we have the technology to monitor the possibility of five sets of (20) suicide bombers who have left a trail, months before an localized attack. What kind of individual would want information available that might otherwise tip the thwart of an attack? It's increasing media data, to hassle over this...but I can really only think of one type of person.

Given the merge of intelligence (FBI/CIA) and development of strategies for terror prevention, climate of post 9-11, current threat level, all require the necessity to implement advances within this technology, as has never been more important. Nothing unique here to any democratic country.

View the film: Operatives, Spies, and Saboteurs: and see for yourselves... Bless these patriots, but would you want our country paralyzed to the old methods of protection, today? With the enemy of today, who has not a relatability beyond death and destruction, many elements of the patriot act are
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