I just had an anonymous guest leave an interesting comment in my last post. (They'd have been anonymous in this post, anyway.) I respect privacy of those wishing to leave a comment.
re: Domestic Surveillance..

(From Anonymous)
This makes perfect sense! But since 9/11 more americans have been hurt/killed by common criminals than by terrorists. Maybe we should be monitoring them and locking them up before they can hurt us. And what about drunk drivers? They injure/kill a lot of americans too. Maybe we can put the police outside bars and lock up people who come out of bars with higher than .08 - they have killed more of us than terrorists have. This will be cool - it will be just like in the former USSR - a cop on every corner making sure we are all safe!

To Anonymous:
To me there's nothing common about a criminal. I strive to have these people away from my everyday life, but unfortunately (as you say) there are too many of them for most areas to afford the monitor.
But while we maintain the topic of privacy and gov. control...there is something that isn't being addressed, that does pose a worse problem...
"Guess who"...
HINT: They often provide erroneous attack against the character and integrity of the President, discount and sacrifice the progress of others for sake of their own interests, place harm in the path of the soldier, insult host countries, over-sell grief and misfortune, incite anger, 'profit from' and 'invent' privileged information to sway the American people.

In the manner at which they promote, they are responsible for a majority of the public held belief...(in and out of our Country.) We don't want to silence them, but we ought think how they manage to maintain a higher office than any known leader, as they claim to represent the voice of your, and my interests.

The Western Media (a.k.a. MSM)

~Set all bias aside, read how American Media destroyed Bush's trip to China last month.

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