Congolese Vote Update

The Congo is in the final stages at which the implementation of a referendum (designed to strengthen and re-define aspects of their constitution) will be voted in by the Congolese. (poll)
UPDATE: Supporters of Constitution in Strong Position At Polls.

The key importance of this event sees the Congo now receiving effective community pressure and strict intervention from neighboring countries who demand that Congolese disconnect from a decades old, war loop.

The path to find a better way to favor Peace and Democracy throughout many war-torn societies, has been a struggle. Perhaps this method to end decades-old conflicts, will be the solution of the future, re: lingering conflicts.

Sadly, corruptive forces become the signature of a war-torn country, and most lack the order of influence needed to disengage and resign from continuing conflict...

The ravages of war impact the well-being of neighboring countries and limit resources needed to maintain quality of living for all....

Most importantly they negatively impact proper education, available to only a fortunate few. Lack of education keeps the suffering in place.
Intervention in the name of Peace and Democracy, will become the new community responsibility.

Congo Voting Facts:
~280 international observers on hand to watch the voting.
~1500 UN peacekeepers.
~US Lauds Voter Turnout: Congo Vote

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