Free Poll for Congolese

While the current US administration is busy defending its terror-prevention strategies, history is being made is several war-torn countries. Millions of those formerly denied a free poll, now follow the successes of the Iraqi Referendum...
[Congo voter: reads draft constitution|Click-photo: Audio]
Congolese Begin Voting in First Free Poll in 40 Years
18 December 2005| Kinshasa
Country after country, mile after mile, in many of the world's worst war-torn nations, we now see lines of free-poll voters. Eager to cast their ballots and hold a greater say, as they create a chain of hope.

The latest to begin voting on Referendum electoral processes, not afforded for over 40 years: The Democratic Republic of Congo. They now have hope as they seek to implement a much needed post-war constitution reform.

Listed with: basil and Carnival Cat's Ping festival.

In the capital, Kinshasa, after a 5 year war took the lives of 4 million people; they arrive to vote from the jungles of the north, the war-torn hills in the east and the diamond and copper fields of the south.

From current world experience, they see that voting will pull their country together, as they move beyond the ravages of war.
~Live AUDIO here...
A successful turnout, at which nearly 25 million people have registered.
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