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"Knightley is a lippy, tantalizing ball of fire."
~Rolling Stone

"Touched in every corner of beauty."
~Opera magazine

~Elle magazine

"One of the most delightful and heartwarming adaptations made from Austen or anybody else."
~Chicago Sun Times

"A movie for the age, and a keeper for the ages."

Excerpt: "A truly elegant film where the strong-willed people enter life with their minds, at war with their hearts. Set earlier than usual, in the late 1700s, a period more down to earth than the early Victorian years."

Excerpt: Christy Lemire (Canadian Press)..."There hasn't been a feature-film version of Pride & Prejudice since Laurence Olivier and Greer Garson shared the screen 65 years ago; a 1995 BBC miniseries, starring Colin Firth as Darcy, has received massive critical acclaim and is considered definitive.)

Roman Osin's cinematography sucks you into the rolling hills and glowing parlours of late 18th century England with images that are gorgeous without being glossy - a rare feat for a costume drama."

"The Art Direction in this movie is fabulous, and the plot will tickle your heart. Go to see this film with someone you Love."....M.B. (^__^)

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